Table 1.

Studies of the ALDH2 polymorphism and esophageal cancer risk

ReferencePopulationNo. casesNo. controls*2 Allele frequency in controls
Hori et al. (13)Japan9370 healthy individuals0.33
Chao et al. (14)Taiwan88 (59 alcoholics)105 nonalcoholics0.29
Matsuo et al. (15)Japan102241 hospital outpatients0.28
Yokoyama et al. (16)Japan112* alcoholics526 alcoholics0.05
Boonyaphiphat et al. (17)Thailand202261 hospital inpatients0.10
Itoga et al. (18)Japan74241 healthy individuals0.22
Yokoyama et al. (19)Japan234634 population0.27
  • * Figures for genotype frequencies by case-control status obtained by personal correspondence.