Table 3.

Frequency of detectable 4-ABP-Hb adducts in 339 individuals from the Gen-Air study population by gender, case, and smoking status

Subject categoryn% Detectable 4-ABP-Hb adductsFisher's exact test
Compared groupsP
    Women, case7056W, case versus W, control0.0141
    Women, control8335
    Men, case7933M, case versus M, control0.2245
    Men, control10742W, control versus M, control0.3690
W, case versus M, case0.0079
Smoking status
    Women, former4161W, former versus W, never0.0168
    Women, never11238
    Men, former11940M, former versus M, never0.6408
    Men, never6736W, former versus M, former0.0190
W, never versus M, never0.7523
  • Abbreviations: W, women; M, men.