Table 3.

Conditional logistic regression–derived, mutually adjusted ORs and 95% CIs for ALL at ages 1 to 4 years by core model variables

VariableCategory or incrementOR (95% CI)P
Maternal age at the time of delivery3 y more1.20 (1.01-1.42)0.04
Birth weight500 g more0.91 (0.68-1.22)0.55
Maternal smoking during pregnancyNoBaseline
Yes2.84 (1.29-6.22)0.01
Maternal years of schoolingOne category more0.99 (0.68-1.44)0.96
Mother employedNoBaseline
Yes1.03 (0.58-1.82)0.93
Maternal daily total energy intake during pregnancy1 SD among controls1.31 (1.04-1.66)0.02