Table 1.

Clinicopathologic variables, germ line mutations, and COX-2 immunoreactivity in MYH-mutated patients

PatientGenderAgeTotal number of adenomasCRC at diagnosis or follow-upSurgical treatmentAPC germ line mutationMYH germ line mutationCOX-2 normal mucosa (IHC)COX-2 adenomas/carcinoma (IHC)
2M46>100YesISAwt1395 del GGA/1395 del GGA+++
5M58>100NoIRAwtG382D/1395 del GGA+++
6M49NumerousYesIRAwtG382D/1395 del GGA+++
  • Abbreviations: IRA, ileo-rectal anastomosis; ISA, ileo-sigmoid anastomosis; wt, wild type; IHC, immunohistochemistry; CRC, colorectal cancer.

  • * Patients belonging to the same family.