Table 4.

Results from conditional logistic regression and family-based association tests

Affected men only
Affected and unaffected men
Odds ratio (95% confidence interval)*PNo. familiesZ scorePNo. familiesZ scoreP
CYP17CC vs AC or AA0.51 (0.28-0.92)0.02777−2.490.01378−2.920.004
CYP19TT vs TG or GG0.95 (0.62-1.44)0.793860.0790.93787−0.360.717
CYP11ACC vs CA or AA0.95 (0.59-1.52)0.83176−0.590.55377−0.350.726
LHBCC vs CT or TT1.09 (0.70-1.69)0.708790.150.879790.260.798
  • * First genotype is the referent.

  • Number of informative families.