Table 2.

Contribution of different foods to total and meat-derived BaP

Food itemsContribution of all foods to total BaP (>1%)Contribution of different meats to meat-derived BaP(>1%)
    Steak/grilled/well done2.812.2
    Chicken/grilled/well done2.410.2
    Chicken with skin/grilled/well done1.66.6
    Hamburger/grilled/well done3.7
    Chicken skinless/grilled/well done2.9
    Chicken/grilled/just until done1.5
    Chicken/deep fried1.2
    Chicken skinless/broil/very well done1.0
    Other meats7.3
    Total meats19.1100
All other foods
    Potatoes other than fried6.4
    Tomato and tomato juice5.5
    Cooked cereals4.9
    Apples and applesauce4.2
    White bread, rolls3.7
    Flavored yogurt, frozen yogurt3.0
    Salty snacks (chips and popcorns)2.7
    French fries, fried potatoes2.6
    Carrots, mixed vegetables with carrots2.4
    Tuna and other fish2.3
    Peach, apricot, nectarine2.0
    Chocolate candy1.5
    Green beans1.4
    Bran and granola cereal1.3
    Doughnuts, cookies, cakes1.0
    Other foods15.0