Table 1.

Description of the interventions

Characteristic of study or intervention% Studies with this characteristic or mean value
    During treatment63
Framework PEACE category
    Health promotion16
    Multiple categories in one study19
Characteristic of study or intervention
During treatment
Sample size, mean (range)
    Average sample size per control group26 (4-101)29 (4-97)21 (6-101)
    Average sample size per intervention group28 (6-98)32 (6-119)21 (6-98)
Cancer diagnoses included
Physician's clearance and/or systematic screening of potential participants for contraindications to activity prior to study entry596058
Excluded participants based on level of physical activity prior to study entry192017
Behavioral intervention
Study design
    Randomized Controlled Trial858583
Physical activity only (versus physical activity plus other intervention components)8410058
Intervention length
    ≤1 mo16208
    5 wks to 3 mos635083
    >3 mos16208
    Not clear/reported6100
Activity mode
    Aerobic (alone or combined with other modes)919092
    Only nonaerobic6100
    Not specified308
Activity intensity
    Light (reported as “low intensity”)308
    Moderate to vigorous*788075
    Not specified192017
Activity frequency
    <3 times/wk308
    3-5 times/wk726584
    >5 times/wk22308
    Not specified350
Activity duration
    20-30 min/session536042
    30-45 min/session9025
    >45 min/session9517
    Not specified283517
Percent lost at follow-up11.911.512.7
  • * Moderate to vigorous intensity was defined as aerobic exercise of at least 40% heart rate reserve or resistance training of at least 60% of one repetition maximum.