Table 1.

Composite deltas for 13 STR loci between ancestral groups

CODIS loci nameChromosomal location (no. alleles)Overall composite δ (δc)*, European versus West African
CSF1PO5q33.3-34 (14)0.18
D13S31713q22-q31 (12)0.29
D16S53916q22-24 (10)0.19
D18S5118q21.3 (20)0.31
D21S1121q21.1 (34)0.25
D3S13583p21 (12)0.16
D5S8185q21-q31 (12)0.17
D7S8207q (18)0.14
D8S11798q24.1-24.2 (11)0.27
FGA4q28 (31)0.30
THO111p15-15.5 (10)0.31
TPOX2p23-2pter (10)0.26
vWA12p12-pter (12)0.15
  • * δc is the composite δ calculated as half the sum across all loci pairs of the allele frequencies in two different populations when there are multiple alleles at a locus; European = average Polish and German, West African = average Nigerian and Rwandan.