Table 1.

Characteristics of the 286 women with bilateral breast cancer

BRCA1 (n = 211)BRCA2 (n = 75)P
Date of Birth1951.21946.60.001
Mean age of first breast cancer38.643.6<0.0001
Mean age of second breast cancer43.748.6<0.0001
Mean interval5.15.20.92
Oophorectomy (%)
    No187 (89.0)62 (83.8)0.24
    Yes23 (11.0)12 (16.2)
Menopausal status at time of diagnoses (%)
    First pre, second pre101 (54.9)21 (31.8)<0.0001
    First pre, second post49 (26.6)15 (22.7)
    First post, second post34 (18.5)30 (45.5)
  • NOTE: If menopause and breast cancer occurred in the same calendar year, the cancer was classified as premenopausal.