Table 4.

Cardiovascular and subjective responses while smoking usual brand and light cigarettes

Week 1 (usual brand)Week 2 (light)Week 3 (usual brand)Overall, P
Systolic blood pressure*
    95% CI(125-140)(124-134)(122-134)
Diastolic blood pressure* (mm Hg)
    95% CI(71-83)(74-85)(68-82)
Heart rate* (min−1)
    95% CI(78-91)(76-91)(77-90)
Total Minnesota Nicotine withdrawal score
    95% CI(100-247)(121-289)(82-229)
    Total mood disturbance score
        95% CI(7.7-45.2)(13.5-47.0)(9.9-38.4)
    Tension score
        95% CI(4.0-11.7)(6.1-13.0)(4.6-10.7)
    Depression score
        95% CI(2.2-16.9)(2.9-14-1)(1.1-13.7)
    Anger score
        95% CI(2.1-7.8)(3.1-9.6)(2.4-5.9)
    Vigor score
        95% CI(6.6-12.4)(5.8-12.1)(5.2-10.7)
    Fatigue score
        95% CI(4.7-10.4)(4.6-12.0)(4.2-9.7)
    95% CI(8.1-20.6)(7.5-20.5)(7.8-21.4)
  • Abbreviations: 95% CI, 95% confidence interval; POMS, Profile of Mood Scale; CES-D, Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale.

  • * Before test cigarette.