Table 3.

Exposure to tobacco-specific nitrosamines and PAHs while smoking usual brand and light cigarettes

Week 1 (usual brand)Week 2 (light)Week 3 (usual brand)Overall, P
Total NNAL (pmol/mg creatinine)
    95% CI(1.4-3.2)(1.0-3.0)(0.8-3.3)
Free NNAL (pmol/mg creatinine)
    95% CI(0.7-1.6)(0.6-1.6)(0.4-1.6)
1-Hydroxypyrene (pmol/mg creatinine)
    95% CI(1.2-2.1)(0.6-3.6)(1.1-2.7)
1-Naphthol and 2-naphthol (pmol/mg creatinine)
    95% CI(134.5-228.6)(128.6-204.1)(128.4-228.8)
Sum of hydroxyfluorenes (pmol/mg creatinine)
    95% CI(26.0-38.6)(18.6-41.5)(21.4-49.4)
Sum of hydroxyphenanthrenes (pmol/mg creatinine)
    95% CI(4.7-7.6)(2.3-15.5)(3.6-9.5)
  • Abbreviation: 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.