Table 2.

Patient characteristics and ductal lavage cytology results

Patient characteristics*Insufficient cellular material for diagnosis (n = 8)Benign cells (n = 35)Two-sided P value,Atypical cells (n = 17)Two-sided P value,§
Median age (years)44.5420.072380.63
Prior breast cancer5 (62.5%)5 (14.3%)0.014 (23.5%)0.45
Prior ovarian cancer0 (0%)3 (8.6%)1.03 (17.7%)0.38
Prior breast or ovarian cancer5 (62.5%)8 (22.9%)0.0427 (41.2%)0.20
Prior chemotherapy5 (62.5%)7 (20.0%)0.0287 (41.2%)0.18
Prior breast radiation3 (37.5%)3 (8.6%)0.0673 (17.7%)0.38
Ever fluid-yielding on suction aspiration1 (12.5%)19 (54.3%)0.059 (52.9%)1.0
  • * There were no significant differences between groups in BRCA mutation status, prior or current selective estrogen response modulator, oral contraceptive, and hormone replacement therapy use, parity, prior breast-feeding, menopausal status, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy before ductal lavage, and prior breast biopsy.

  • Two-sided P values from Fisher's exact test for categorical variables and Mann-Whitney U test for continuous variables.

  • For comparison of patients with insufficient cellular material for diagnosis versus patients with benign cells.

  • § For comparison of patients with benign cells versus patients with atypical cells.