Table 7.

Effect of total area of dense tissue and lacunarity on subsequent risk of breast cancer by Wolfe grade, Guernsey IV study, United Kingdom

Quantitative mammographic featureWolfe grade

Test for interaction*
N1/P1 (D = 38), HR (95% CI)P2/DY (D = 70), HR (95% CI)
Total area of dense tissue (cm2)
Per 1 SD increase2.09 (0.99-4.44)1.41 (0.82-2.41)0.007
Per 1 SD increase0.61 (0.33-1.13)0.47 (0.31-0.72)0.102
  • * Test for interaction between each quantitative measure and binary Wolfe grade.

  • D = number of breast cancer cases (three cases excluded due to missing information on potential confounding variables).

  • HRs and 95% CIs adjusted for age, age at leaving full time education, social class, job status, parity, height, BMI at GIII, and BMI change from GIII to GIV.