Table 3.

Pearson correlations coefficients among quantitative mammographic measurements, Guernsey IV study, United Kingdom

Percent breast densityTotal area of dense tissue (cm2)Total area of lucent tissue (cm2)Total area of the breast (cm2)Total volume of the breast (cm3)Fractal dimensionRegional skewnessLacunarity indicator
Percent breast density1.0
Total area of dense tissue (cm2)0.71*1.0
Total area of lucent tissue (cm2)−0.70*−0.17*1.0
Total area of the breast (cm2)−0.37*0.28*0.90*1.0
Total volume of the breast (cm3)−0.38*0.25*0.90*0.99*1.0
Fractal dimension−0.64*−0.40*0.61*0.42*0.43*1.0
Regional skewness0.06*0.007−0.13*−0.12*−0.11*−0.0071.0
  • * P < 0.001.