Table 1.

Biochemical features of the study subjects according to MTHFR 1298A>C genotypes

1298AA, N = 911298AC, N = 651298CC, N = 42P (AA vs AC)P (AA vs CC)P (AC vs CC)
Plasma folate (nmol/L)10.90 (9.99-11.89)12.19 (11.03-13.44)12.40 (10.92-14.08)0.0940.0970.828
Vitamin B12 (pmol/L)448 (404-495)378 (346-413)428 (380-482)0.0130.5910.097
Vitamin B6 (nmol//L)28.16 (24.87-31.88)28.47 (25.00-32.42)29.10 (23.49-36.08)0.9000.7720.840
tHcy (μmol/L)18.71 (16.77-20.86)13.97 (12.95-15.08)14.45 (12.91-16.19)<0.00010.0010.603
Genomic DNA methylation (ng mCyt/μg DNA)3.72 (2.73-5.07)8.59 (6.83-10.77)6.79 (4.96-9.28)<0.00010.0070.226
  • NOTE: Plasma folate, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, tHcy, and genomic DNA methylation are presented as geometric means (antilogarithms of the transformed means) and 95% confidence intervals are reported in parentheses with two-tailed P values. Statistical difference was evaluated by Student's t test except when differently indicated. Statistical difference was evaluated by χ2 test.