Table 1.

Summary of nested case-control studies of C. pneumoniae and lung cancer risk with blood collected before lung cancer diagnosis in cases and a comparable time in controls

First author, year, locationPopulationNumber of subjectsTime between blood sampling and lung cancer diagnosis/censoring (y)Variables adjusted for in multivariate models
Laurila, 1997 (23), FinlandMale smokers involved in a randomized trial of β-carotene and α-tocopherol230 cases/230 controls3-8 (median = 6.1)Years of smoking and cigarettes smoked per day
Anttila, 2003 (28), FinlandWomen in 1st trimester of pregnancy in Finnish Maternity Cohort58 cases/287 controls1.6-16.7 (mean = 9.1)Current smoking defined by serum cotinine levels
Littman, 2004 (29), USAMen and women involved in a randomized trial of β-carotene and retinol508 cases/508 controls0-16 (median = 9)Years of smoking, cigarettes smoked per day, education, and body mass index (kg/m2)