Table 3.

Association between health plan type and CRC test use, overall and by pay type*

Type of Health PlanCRC Test Use
Percentage (No./total no.)Adjusted RRa (95% CI)
    FFS29 (51,899/177,683)1.00 (referent)
    PPO37 (32,081/86,821)1.27 (1.25, 1.28)
By Pay Type
        FFS26 (35,890/137,924)1.00 (referent)
        PPO36 (26,194/73,009)1.43 (1.41, 1.45)
        FFS40 (16,009/39,759)1.00 (referent)
        PPO43 (5,887/13,812)1.09 (1.05, 1.10)
  • * CRC test use = use of any one of the following: FOBT (past year), sigmoidoscopy (past 5 years), colonoscopy (past 5 years), or DCBE (past 5 years).

  • Adjusted for age, sex, marital status, plan type, and state of residence. Adjusted odds ratios from logistic regression models were converted to RRas based on the method by Flanders and Rhodes (19).