Table 1.

Demographic information for the CCCEH subset and total population

Total population*
nMean (range)nMean (range)
Maternal ethnicity
    African American30388
Maternal age (y)6028 (21-40)68528 (18-42)0.186
Mother's education§
    High school43463
Neighborhood of residence
    Washington Heights14226
    South Bronx161400.026
  • * Subset n = 60 mother-newborn pairs, Total population n = 686 mother-newborn pairs.

  • χ2 or F test used for analysis.

  • n = number of subjects with available data as of June 2004.

  • § High school includes less than high school, some high school, high school diploma, and GED. College includes some college, 2-year college, 4-year college, and 4-plus years of college.