Table 2.

DNA damage as a risk factor for development of esophageal adenocarcinoma (adenocarcinoma or high-grade dysplasia)

DNA damage (% tail) in Barrett's tissue (no Fapy glycosylase)No. Barrett's esophagus patientsNo. esophageal adenocarcinoma patientsOdds ratio, crude (95% CI)P crudeAdjusted odds ratio (95% CI)P adjusted
1st quartile<20.71631.0 (reference)1.0 (reference)
2nd quartile20.7-23.61173.4 (0.7-16.1)0.1247.2 (0.9-60.1)0.068
3rd quartile23.6-28.11451.9 (0.4-9.4)0.4302.0 (0.2-17.9)0.538
4th quartile>28.1995.3 (1.1-24.9)0.0339.4 (1.1-83.4)0.044
  • NOTE: Data adjusted for age, sex, nocturnal reflux, smoking, and PPI medication.