Table 3.

Relationship between prostate cancer risk and baseline dietary calcium intake and baseline serum concentrations of 25-OH and 1,25-OH vitamin D

Rate ratio (95% CI)
Tertile ITertile IITertile IIIP for trend
Dietary Calcium*1.00 (reference)1.48 (0.81-2.70)1.20 (0.64-2.23)0.51
Serum 25-OH vitamin D1.00 (reference)1.22 (0.66-2.26)1.32 (0.72-2.43)0.70
Serum 1,25-OH vitamin D*1.00 (reference)1.00 (0.55-1.83)1.02 (0.57-1.85)0.92
  • NOTE: Prostate cancers from randomization to end of follow-up.

  • * Tertiles based on log-log residuals form regression of dietary calcium intake on energy intake; Rate ratio adjusted for age, treatment and log-calories.

  • Rate ratio adjusted for age and treatment; Cut points between tertiles 1 and 2 and tertiles 2 and 3 for dietary calcium (assuming 2,000 kcal intake): 675.2, 990.8; for 25-OH vitamin D: 25.2, 34.0 ng/mL; for 1,25-OH vitamin D: 36.4 and 47.08 pg/mL.