Table 1.

Age-adjusted baseline characteristics according to quartiles of HbA1c levels among 27,110 women in the Women's Health Study, 1993-2004

Baseline characteristicsQuartile of HbA1c (%)
HbA1c, % (median)
Age, mean (y)52.353.554.555.8<0.0001
Body mass index, mean (kg/m2)24.625.225.928.0<0.0001
Aspirin users before trial (%)11.311.511.312.50.11
Current users of postmenopausal hormones (%)50.045.344.935.7<0.0001
Current smokers (%)9.312.112.212.9<0.0001
Family history of colorectal cancer (%)10.010.710.610.00.54
Colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy during the past year* (%)
History of colon polyps (%)
History of diabetes at baseline (%)<0.0001
Current users of multivitamins (%)32.030.528.926.2<0.0001
Physical activity, median (kcal/wk)1,0381,005974932<0.0001
Total calories intake (kcal/d)1,7111,7181,7401,753<0.0001
Alcohol intake (g/d)<0.0001
Red meat intake (g/d)<0.0001
Glycemic load (g/d)116.7117.4119.0118.40.01
  • NOTE: All factors except age and HbA1c are age adjusted.

  • * From the 12-month questionnaire.