Table 2.

Risk of intestinal metaplasia based on different methods for diagnosis of H. pylori infection

Diagnostic test*IM positive (n = 81)IM negative (n = 189)OR (95% CI)P
Rapid urease test positive56 (69.1%)73 (38.6%)3.53 (2.03-6.15)<0.0001
Histology positive57 (70.4%)80 (42.3%)3.21 (1.84-5.6)<0.0001
Combination68 (84.0%)93 (49.2%)5.4 (2.80-10.43)<0.001
  • * Because H. pylori serology test was only done in subjects with negative results in rapid urease test and histology, OR cannot be computed of this cohort.

  • H. pylori infection was diagnosed if rapid urease test, histology, or serology was positive.