Table 3.

Multivariate logistic regression model to predict interest in genetic testing (dichotomous variable)

VariableVariable ratio (confidence interval)P
Belief that genetics causes lung cancer1.24 (0.47-3.26)0.67
Expect high risk result if tested2.99 (1.03-8.64)0.04
Female gender*1.10 (0.42-2.94)0.84
Hold positive attitudes to smoking0.69 (0.17-2.72)0.59
Experimented with smoking1.01 (0.36-2.79)0.99
  • NOTE: Cut point set at the mean (≤5.0, >5.0).

  • * Measured at survey 1.

  • Susceptible if participant does not respond “definitely not” to either of two questions: would you smoke if friend offer you a cigarette, or do you think you will smoke a cigarette during the next year.

  • Have ever smoked even a few puffs.