Table 1.

Demographics of the screened population, study participants, and those who completed or did not complete the end-of-school year (survey 2)

CharacteristicsScreened at orientation (n = 684), %Pilot subsample (n = 150), %Follow-up survey 2 (n = 95), %Completed survey 1, no survey 2 (n = 31), %
African American96979890
Mean age (SD)20.1 (3.2)20.0 (3.4)19.9 (2.6)19.5 (.72)
Susceptible to smoking*44838487
Lives on campus88949694
Experimented with smoking50585671
  • * Susceptible if participant does not respond “definitely not” to either of two questions: would you smoke if friend offer you a cigarette, or do you think you will smoke a cigarette during the next year.

  • Have ever smoked even a few puffs.