Table 1.

Characteristics of Hispanic women, by country of birth and case-control status

U.S.-born Hispanics
Foreign-born Hispanics
Cases (n = 502)Controls (n = 427)PCases (n = 489)Controls (n = 858)P
Age (y)56.356.80.4854.453.90.39
Education (y)<0.01
Family history of breast cancer (%)<0.01
History of benign breast disease (%)17.717.80.9816.49.1<0.01
Age at menarche12.312.40.5412.713.0<0.01
No. full-term pregnancies2.73.2<<0.01
Age at first full-term pregnancy23.222.50.0624.123.1<0.01
Lifetime breast-feeding (mo)<0.01
Premenopausal (%)
Postmenopausal (%)
    Natural menopause36.933.70.3238.544.20.04
    Surgical menopause*14.517.10.2912.18.70.05
Age at natural menopause (y)49.448.80.3048.447.60.09
Postmenopausal hormone therapy use (%)<0.01
BMI (premenopausal women)27.129.3<0.0127.629.3<0.01
BMI (postmenopausal women)
Height (cm)157.9157.40.25156.0154.5<0.01
Lifetime physical activity (h/wk)16.917.90.3117.019.9<0.01
Alcohol consumption (g/d)
Caloric intake (kcal/d)215420820.20231122330.12
Fat intake (g/d)<0.01
Dietary fiber intake (g/d)21.922.00.8228.531.2<0.01
  • * Bilateral oophorectomy (with or without hysterectomy) or hysterectomy with one-sided oophorectomy.

  • Women ages ≥55 years who either began using hormone therapy before the cessation of menses or had a hysterectomy without oophorectomy.

  • During the reference year.