Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of the study population

Noncases 25%-median-75% or % (n = 2,169)Cancer cases 25%-median-75% or % (n = 296)P*
Follow-up time (mean years)5.922.85
Gender (females; %)5538<0.001
Race (Caucasian; %)55510.16
Site (Memphis; %)50480.49
Education (%)
    Less than high school27250.30
    High school3331
Smoking status (%)
    Pack-years (continuous)0-2-270-15-43
Comorbid conditions (%)
    Cardiovascular disease23230.98
    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other pulmonary diseases12120.73
Abdominal visceral fat area (cm2)93-129-17899-138-1830.08
Physical activity, kcal/wk (%)
Medication use (%)
    ACE inhibitors15170.43
  • * For continuous variables: P for Wilcoxon rank test (two-group comparison). For categorical variables: P for χ2 test.

  • Other categories are as follows: race, African American; site, Pittsburgh.

  • Only 185 cases ascertained 2 years after baseline examination (see Materials and Methods).