Table 1.

Recommendations regarding use of family history to assess risk of colorectal cancer

SourceRisk categoriesScreening schedule
American Cancer Society (34)CRC or AdP in ≥1 first-degree relative before age 60 or ≥2 first-degree relatives at any age (excluding HNPCC and FAP)Colonoscopy every 5-10 y, starting at age 40
American Gastroenterological Association (2)≥2 first-degree relatives with CRC/AdP, or ≥1 first degree-relative affected before age 60Colonoscopy every 5 y, beginning at age 40 or 10 y before youngest diagnosis in family, whichever came first
1 first-degree relative affected with CRC/AdP at or after age 60*Same as average risk, but beginning at age 40
Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care (35)1 or 2 first-degree relatives with CRCSame as average risk
>2 relatives with CRCConsider genetic screening
U.S. Preventive Services Task Force≥1 first-degree relative with CRC onset before age 60Any screening modality, starting at age 40
  • Abbreviations: AdP, adenomatous polyp; CRC, colorectal cancer; FOBT, fecal occult blood testing; Flex sig, flexible sigmoidoscopy; HNPCC, hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer; FAP, familial adenomatous polyposis.

  • * Used for the current analysis.