Table 5.

Outcomes of combined segregation-linkage analyses selecting the effects of RHC variants, host factors and sun exposure by a stepwise procedure in CDKN2A mutation carriers

ModelαaA*δ*ORdysplastic nevi (95% CI)ORRHC variants (CI)ORhigh number of nevi (CI)Test statistic (χ2)P
1. Dysplastic nevi− (1.51-6.05)9.06<0.01
2. RHC variants added to model 1−7.791.192.93 (1.46-5.88)2.21 (1.11-4.44)4.730.03
3. High number of nevi added to model 2− (1.19-5.05)2.19 (1.10-4.39)2.03 (0.99-4.12)3.740.053
  • * αaA is the genotype-specific baseline risk in carriers of CDKN2A mutations; δ is the regression coefficient specifying the variation of the hazard function with time.

  • The OR of hazard function associated with each covariate [OR = exp(β)] and 95% CI were computed from the corresponding estimate of the regression parameter of that covariate (β).

  • Tests are based on likelihood ratios and are two sided (the number of degrees of freedom is 1). Likelihood ratio test comparing the absence of a given risk factor versus a model including that risk factor was done at each step of the stepwise procedure.