Table 1.

Prevalence of increased endometrial thickness according to sociodemographic characteristics

CharacteristicsAll subjects (n = 1,271)
Not current HRT users (n = 801)
Current HRT users (n = 461)
nET ≥3 mm (%)PnET ≥3 mm (%)PnET ≥3 mm (%)P
Age, y
Marital status
    Less than high school3452.90.163053.30.73366.70.23
    High school graduate34764.825958.38484.5
    Beyond high school42366.927157.614983.2
    College graduate46769.624158.522581.8
  • NOTE: P indicates the statistical significance of differences in endometrial thickness (in mm), according to sociodemographic characteristics, for all women, women not currently using HRT, and women currently using HRT. Status with respect to current HRT use was missing in nine instances. ET, endometrial thickness.