Table 2.

Spearman correlation coefficients between potential confounding variables and frequency of consumption of fresh red meat and processed meat

Fresh red meatProcessed meat
Baseline age, y0.03−0.08
Energy, kJ/d0.370.30
Fat, g/MJ*0.290.22
Fiber, g/MJ*−0.25−0.28
Folate, μg/MJ*−0.23−0.23
Calcium, mg/MJ*−0.28−0.17
Chicken, times/wk0.220.08
Fish, times/wk0.080.04
Vegetables, times/d0.06−0.02
Fruit, times/d0.01−0.04
Cereal products, times/wk0.080.14
Body mass index, kg/m20.110.05
Waist-to-hip ratio0.140.12
Physical activity score−0.08−0.03
  • * Nutrient density (i.e., intake of nutrient/energy intake).