Table 5.

ORs for the risk of breast cancer associated with combinations of GST polymorphisms (GSTM1, GSTT1, and GSTP1)

GSTCases/controls*OR (95% CI)
M1+ and T1+460/3271.0
M1 or T1 deficient607/4121.13 (0.92–1.40)
M1 and T1 deficient119/1100.94 (0.68–1.31)
M1+ and P1+400/2351.0
M1 or P1 deficient§459/2561.10 (0.85–1.42)
M1 and P1 deficient47/240.93 (0.52–1.66)
T1+ and P1+647/3751.0
T1 or P1 deficient225/1350.97 (0.73–1.28)
T1 and P1 deficient16/52.16 (0.70–6.64)
M1+ and T1+ and P1+313/1881.0
Any one GST deficient446/2501.15 (0.88–1.51)
Any two GST deficient114/691.05 (0.71–1.56)
M1, T1, and P1 deficient9/41.41 (0.37–5.41)
  • * The number of cases and controls in these columns refers to subjects with genotype information on the relevant GSTs.

  • Adjusted for study center.

  • Reference category.

  • § Deficiency for GSTP1 was here defined as at least one mutant allele.