Table 4.

Risk of premenopausal breast cancer according to body size at enrolment stratified by perceived body shape at age 7 and adult height

BMI (kg/m2) at Cohort Enrolment
No. of Cases/Non-casesMultivariate RR*95% CINo. of Cases/Non-casesMultivariate RR*95% CI
No. of Cases/Non-casesMultivariate RR*95% CI
Body shape in childhood
    Very thin/thin62/7,7021.060.80-1.41162/20,8411.030.85-1.2626/4,6410.750.49-1.14
    Average56/4,9721.441.08-1.94270/35,0621.0 (reference)77/1,24470.820.63-1.06
    Fat/very fat2/3850.670.17-2.7022/3,8930.750.49-1.1720/4,3240.600.37-0.95
    P for interaction = 0.30
Adult height (cm)
    162-16973/7,0561.300.99-1.72230/30,6911.0 (reference)62/10,9860.750.57-1.01
P for interaction = 0.29
  • * Multivariate adjustment for age at enrolment, parity, age at first birth, oral contraceptive use, age at menarche, family history of breast cancer, total duration of breast-feeding, and country of residence.