Table 1.

Characteristics of the study population

Age at endoscopy (mean, y)61.758.7
Smoking (mean, pack-years smoked)17.612.2
Physical activity (mean, daily metabolic equivalents) 15.614.6
BMI (≥25 kg/m2, %)52.747.3
Family history of colorectal cancer (%)33.622.4
Previous endoscopy before 1980 (%)13.112.3
Current postmenopausal hormone use (%)32.133.4
Aspirin use (≥2 times/wk, %)21.925.4
Daily dietary intake
    Total energy (kcal)1,6831,683
    Glycemic index134.6135.8
    Glycemic load74.374.3
    Carbohydrate (%)44.644.8
    Protein (%) 18.818.8
    Saturated fat (%)12.913.0
    Calcium (mg)924.7910.8
    Vitamin D (IU)318.4326.1
    Folate (μg)392.1401.5
    Dietary fiber (g)16.216.2
    Beef, pork, or lamb as a main dish (servings/d)1.21.2
    Alcohol (g)7.26.3