Table 3.

Distribution (%) of the level of interest for selected career development topics by rank

Topic% Difference* between Junior and Senior respondents“Junior” respondents
“Senior” respondents
Very interested (%)Neutral (%)Not at all Interested (%)Very interested (%)Neutral (%)Not at all interested (%)
Grant submission strategies1678202622513
Identifying funding sources1874260563411
Writing grants and manuscripts1769292523414
Scientific presentations−1746468632710
Time management853425453718
Tips for success and productivity2172272513812
Balancing family and career1950428314722
Communication skills4404912364221
Job hunting11433819324325
Interviewing techniques4278518234433
  • * Percentage difference between Junior and Senior respondents answering “very interested” to each topic.

  • Postdoctoral fellows or trainees, pre-doctoral or undergraduate students, instructors, masters-level professionals, assistant professors/scientists/researchers.

  • Associate or full professors/scientists/researchers.