Table 1.

Percentage distributions of ASPO survey respondents by selected characteristics, gender, and degree

Total (N = 233)Women (N = 142)Men (N = 91)P value*Total (N = 224)M.D./D.O. (N = 143)Ph.D./Dr.P.H./Sc.D. (N = 81)P value*
Age in years<0.00010.03
Type of institution0.01*0.66
    Cancer center363933363242
    School of medicine252034262921
    School of public health172210161714
    Research institute794879
    Federal government7510777
Tenure track position0.0050.09
100% “hard money” salary support0.030.52
100% “soft money” salary support<0.00010.61
Bridge funding available0.340.44
  • * P value calculated from χ2 test.

  • P value calculated from Fisher's exact test.