Table 2.

OR of breast cancer and 95% CI by quartile of adrenal hormone levels among predominantly premenopausal women in the Nurses' Health Study

Quartile categoriesP value for trend
Hormone level1234
DHEA, (ng/dL)<200200-307308-450≥451
    No. of cases/No. of controls*76/13872/14374/14073/144
    Simple OR (95% CI)1.0 (referent)0.94 (0.65-1.49)0.99 (0.65-1.49)0.93 (0.61-1.42)0.17
    Adjusted OR (95% CI)1.0 (referent)0.94 (0.62-1.43)0.96 (0.62-1.48)0.92 (0.59-1.43)0.11
DHEA-S, (μg/dL)<9696-146147-218≥219
    No. of cases/No. of controls64/14180/14683/14369/141
    Simple OR (95% CI)1.0 (referent)1.18 (0.79-1.75)1.28 (0.86-1.91)1.08 (0.71-1.65)0.78
    Adjusted OR (95% CI)1.0 (referent)1.25 (0.83-1.90)1.29 (0.85-1.96)1.08 (0.69-1.69)0.83
  • NOTE: To convert DHEA to nmol/L, multiply by 0.0347, and to convert DHEA to μmol/L, multiply by 0.0271.

  • * Numbers do not add up to 302 cases and 591 controls due to missing DHEA(S) data.

  • Conditional logistic regression model controlling for matching factors only.

  • Conditional logistic regression additionally controlling for age at first birth/parity, age at menarche, certainty of menopausal status (definite premenopausal versus uncertain), first degree family history of breast cancer, age at blood draw (modeled as a linear continuous variable), mean alcohol intake, mean folate intake, and body mass index at age 18 (the latter three variables modeled as continuous variables with natural cubic splines).