Table 2.

Alcohol type and risk of ovarian cancer compared with nondrinkers

Alcohol (drinks)Cases (%)Controls (%)Adjusted ORa95% CIAdjusted ORb95% CI
P = 0.01eP = 0.01e
P = 0.8eP = 0.5e
P = 0.6eP = 0.5e
  • a OR adjusted for age (in years), age squared, level of education, BMI, smoking status (never, past, or current), duration of OC use, parity, and caffeine intake (quintiles).

  • b OR also adjusted for consumption of other types of alcohol (none, <1/week, 1–6/week, or ≥1/day).

  • c Reference category for calculation of ORs but excluded from trend tests.

  • d Women who did not drink that type of alcohol but who did drink other types of alcohol.

  • e Trend tests calculated after excluding nondrinkers.