Table 4.

Combined effects of NSAID use and IRS1genotype on colorectal cancer risk by age at diagnosis

Aspirin/NSAID use<65 yr
>65 yr
    GR/RR (n)97/5847/5974/5864/75
    GR/RR [OR (95% CI)]1.000.41 (0.24–0.68)1.000.65 (0.40–1.06)
    GG0.57 (0.40–0.81)0.43 (0.30–0.62)0.80 (0.55–1.16)0.50 (0.34–0.73)
    P interactiona0.00060.82
  • Note: ORs and 95% CIs are adjusted for age, BMI, energy intake, long-term vigorous physical activity, calcium, dietary fiber, and usual number of cigarettes smoked.

  • a Interactions based on RERI.