Table 1.

Age-adjusted characteristics of women in the NHSII according to smoking status at baseline (1989)

Never (n = 74,068)Past (n = 24,188)Current (n = 15,054)
Mean values
    Age (yr)343534
    BMI (kg/m2)242424
    Height (in.)64.865.064.9
    Age at first birth (yr)25.625.824.5
    Mean alcohol consumption (g/day)a2.34.35.0
    Carotenoids (IU/day)a902796968267
    Vitamin A (retinol; IU/day)a373438403544
    Age at first menarche (<13 yr; %)242426
    Parity (>2; %)191716
    Oral contraceptive use (%)131213
    Benign breast disease (%)283030
    Family history of breast cancer (%)999
  • a Calculated from a food frequency questionnaire in 1991.