Table 3.

Summary of the effect of isolated folate deficiency on DNA methylation in rodents

Study (reference)Folate deficiencyDuration (wk)SpeciesOrganDNA methylationEffect
Balaghi et al. (58)Severe4RatLiverGenomic20% decrease (P = 0.032)
Kim et al. (57)Severe6RatLiverGenomic60% increase (P = 0.1)
p53 (exons 6–7)40% decrease (P = 0.002)
Kim et al. (56)Mild15 and 24RatLiverGenomicNo effect
ColonGenomicNo effect
c-mycNo effect
Song et al. (59)Mild5MouseLiverGenomic56% increase (P < 0.005)
8No effect
Kim et al. (60)Mild + DMH20RatColonGenomicNo effect
Kim et al. (66)Mild + DMH20RatColonp53 (exon 8)25% decrease (P = 0.038)
Le Leu et al. (62)Mild + AOM26RatColonGenomicNo effect
Le Leu et al. (61)Mild + AOM13RatLiverGenomicNo effect
ColonNo effect
Davis et al. (65)Mild + DMH13RatLiverGenomicNo effect
ColonNo effect
Duthie et al. (44)Mild10RatColonGenomicNo effect
Sohn et al. (67)Severe5RatColonGenomic30% increase at wk 3 (P = 0.022) and no effect at other time points
p53 (promoter and exons 6–7)Highly variable; decrease at CpG site 1 in exons 6–7 at wk 5
Choi et al. (70)Mild8 and 20Rat (young and old)ColonGenomicNo effect