Table 2.

GST genotype frequencies of controls and cases overall and by histological group, the San Francisco Bay Area Adult Glioma Study 1991–2000

All cases
Other histologies
n/N%n/N%OR95% CIn/N%OR95% CIn/N%OR95% CI
GSTM1 null
Series 184/1665193/184511.00.7–1.536/80450.80.5–1.357/104551.20.7–2.0
Series 2177/33753140/264531.00.7–1.474/137541.10.7–1.666/127521.00.7–1.5
GSTT1 null
Series 135/1672136/183200.90.5–1.617/79221.00.5–2.019/104180.80.5–1.6
Series 274/3372254/264200.90.6–1.424/137180.80.5–1.330/127241.10.7–1.8
GSTP I105V Val/Val
Series 123/1591421/180120.80.4–1.56/8080.50.2–1.215/100151.00.5–2.1
Series 240/3371228/269100.90.5–1.417/140121.00.6–1.911/12990.70.3–1.4
GSTP A114V Ala/Val or Val/Val
Series 126/1541728/181150.90.5–1.610/81120.70.3–1.518/100181.10.6–2.1
Series 245/3371343/271161.20.8–1.925/141181.40.8–2.418/130141.00.6–1.9
  • Note: n, number of subjects with particular genotype; N, total number of subjects. ORs are crude ORs; age, gender, and ethnicity adjusted ORs were the same as those shown to within one decimal point. Series 1 and 2 were subjects participating in 1991–1994 and 1997–2000, respectively.