Table 3.

Proportion of women participating within 6 months after the first randomization, regardless of intervention, by screening history and socioeconomic and demographic factors

Sample size (no.)Participated within 6 months regardless of intervention
No.%OR95% CI
All women12,157359429.6
Age distribution (yr)
Years since last smear
    0 prior smear, 24–26 years153541326.92.52.0–3.0
    0 prior smear, 27–59 years149319413.01.0(Reference)
Employment statusa
Disposable incomea,b
    0–100% of median6084171828.21.0(Reference)
    >100% of median6067187230.91.11.1–1.2
Social welfare
Marital statusa
Having childrena
Country of birtha
    Other Nordic and EC countries60317829.51.31.1–1.7
    Rest of the world28128123.81.0(Reference)
  • a When the numbers do not add up to the 12,157 women studied, it is due missing observations (from 1 to 180) in the LOUISE database.

  • b The median disposable income is 99,300 SKR.