Table 2.

Baseline demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of women included in the analysis in each intervention group

First intervention
Second intervention
Third intervention
Age distribution (yr)
Years since last smear
    0 prior smear, 24–26 years153512.6117913.226820.7
    0 prior smear, 27–59 years149312.3132214.819615.1
Employment statusa
Disposable incomea,b
    0–100% of median608450.1456051.065350.4
    >100% of median606749.9439049.164349.6
Social welfare
Marital statusa
Having childrena
Country of birtha
    Other Nordic and EC countries6035.04414.9574.4
    Rest of the world11839.793210.418414.2
  • a When the numbers do not add up to 12,157 for the first intervention, 8953 for the second intervention, or 1296 for the third intervention, it is due to missing observations (from 1 to 180) in the LOUISE database.

  • b The median disposable income is 99,300 SKR. The disposable income equals the sum of all family members' disposable income (total income minus tax, repaid study loan, alimony, and cost deduction) multiplied by the individual consumption weight divided by the family's total consumption weight and the basic amount for current year.