Table 1.

Description of the contents of the brochure included in the modified invitation

The brochure, entitled “A Small Examination of Great Importance,” told the recipients about the following:
• Type of cancer the Pap smear is supposed to protect against
• That the Pap smear is a preventive measure
• Why it is important to have a Pap smear when invited
• At which ages and with what time intervals women are invited to have a Pap smear
• How the Pap smear is taken
• How they receive the test results
• How precursor stages are followed up and that an eventual treatment is simple
• When not to have a Pap smear (during menstruation, etc.)
• That the test is taken free of charge of a midwife
• That the test can be and often is taken in opportunistic screening
• That the test cannot detect sexually transmitted diseases or other types of cancer
• Illustrative pictures and drawings of the female body showing the location of the cervix