Table 2

Prevalence of colorectal cancer (CRC) screening in accordance with recommended guidelines using two definitions (n = 214)

CRC screening in accordance with guidelines
Definition no. 1a (n = 115)Definition no. 2a (n = 40)
Prevalence rate5419
Age (years)
 65 or older63b22c
≥1 chronic condition
Health maintenance index visit
Family history
  • a Definition no. 1: fecal occult blood test by 3-day kit in the past year or flexible sigmoidoscopy in the past 5 years (or both) or colonoscopy in the past 10 years. Definition no. 2: fecal occult blood test by 3-day kit in past year and flexible sigmoidoscopy in past 5 years or colonoscopy in past 10 years. Both definitions include screening and non-screening tests.

  • b P ≤ 0.05,

  • c P ≤ 0.10; all variables were associated (P ≤ 0.25) with CRC screening for both definitions and were included in multivariable analysis.