Table 2

Sociodemographic and health behavior characteristics and intake of selected dietary factors for first and third dietary pattern tertiles in 3,544 adult male participants in the National Health Examination Follow-up Study, 1982–84

Vegetable-fruit pattern tertilesRed meat-starch pattern tertilesSouthern pattern tertiles
Mean (SD) age (y)57 (15)59 (14)61 (14)55 (14)57 (14)59 (15)
Black (%)149167324
Region (%)
Residence (%)
Education (%)
 < high school473443363257
 completed high school322926353424
 >high school213731293420
Poverty-income ratio (%)a
Current smoker (%)362327352834
Current multivitamin use (%)202726212520
“Much” exercise (%)162418241921
Median times per week
 Red meat8.
 Fruits and vegetables13.938.221.527.020.129.0
Pearson correlations
 Energy (kcal)0.290.730.25
 Total fat (g)b−0.110.28−0.02
 Saturated fat (g)−0.190.26−0.09
 Fiber (g)0.63−0.030.20
 Vitamin A (IU)0.47−0.050.35
 Vitamin C (mg)0.56−0.050.03
 Calcium (mg)0.14−0.04−0.07
  • a Ratio of family income to a Census Bureau-determined poverty threshold for household size and adult/child composition of family; a ratio <1 is considered to represent below poverty level. (N = 2,491).

  • b All nutrients were energy-adjusted using the residual method (36) .