Table 1

Factor loadings for foods associated with each dietary pattern, in split samples of 3,779 adult male participants in the National Health Examination Follow-up Study, 1982–84

Vegetable-fruitRed meat-starchSouthern
Sample 1aSample 2bSample 1Sample 2Sample 1Sample 2
Carrots5544Salty snacksc4735Cornbread or hush puppies6058
Iceberg/head lettuce4947Fried potatoes4439
Cauliflower4647Mixed dishes with meat or cheese4235Sweet potatoes or yellow yams4856
Leaf lettuce4538
Salad dressing4240Pickles or olives4134Quickbreadg4753
Cucumber4039Ketchup or tomato chili sauce3731Bacon4040
Green pepper4040Beans3638
Summer squash3837Beef3740Rice3235
Pear3730Processed meate3634Watermelon3234
Fresh tomato3536White potatoes3546Liver2932
Fish (fresh or frozen)3533Sweets/dessertsf3442
Brussels sprouts3538Cheese sauce, white sauce, thick gravy3432
Winter squash3435Pasta2728
Apricots3324Ice cream2434
Bananas3233Cheese and cheese dishes
Vegetable soup32252426
Cottage cheese3125Peanuts2222
Canned fish2628
Cooked tomatoes2524
Nuts (not peanuts)2221
Sweet red pepper2222
% Variance5.
Coefficient α0.770.740.640.630.620.65
  • a N = 1,866 men.

  • b N = 1,913 men.

  • c Includes potato chips, pretzels, crackers, and salted nuts.

  • d Includes roast pork, pork chops, fresh ham, and spare ribs.

  • e Includes sandwich or packaged luncheon meats, hot dogs, and meat spreads.

  • f Includes cakes, donuts, cookies, pies, and candy.

  • g Includes muffins, biscuits, and flour tortillas.