Table 1

Age-standardized baseline characteristics according to total weight gain (age 18 years to 1992) in Cancer Prevention Study-II Nutrition Survey cohort, 1992–1999

Total adult weight gain (pounds)
Non-hormone replacement therapy usersaCurrent hormone replacement therapy users
−5 to 56–2021–4041–6061+−5 to 56–2021–4041–6061+
n 418410571136657726501327686634712334081664
Total weight gainb0.914.030.850.
Age in 199263.963.863.663.662.761.361.061.060.959.9
Body mass index 1992 (kg/m2)b,c21.523.125.628.833.821.222.725.228.333.2
Body mass index − Age 18 (kg/m2)b,c21.320.820.420.320.421.120.420.120.020.2
Age at menopauseb49.249.248.948.848.648.348.147.847.346.5
Recreational physical activityd,e
 METS 0 to <733.735.640.945.852.531.134.439.347.752.2
 METS 7 to <1531.632.832.231.228.632.835.033.631.430.6
 METS 15 to <25.518.917.715.814.111.318.816.816.312.510.3
 METS >25.514.
 Never smoker51.254.356.458.959.548.952.253.654.957.3
 Current smoker13.
 Former smoker34.634.033.532.933.540.939.339.439.338.2
Alcohol used
 <1 drink/day37.339.036.934.128.842.744.841.740.333.8
 1 drink/day10.
 >1 drink/day6.
  • a Combined former and never users.

  • b Means standardized to the age distribution of the analytic cohort.

  • c Body mass index [weight/(height2)].

  • d Percentages adjusted to the age distribution of the analytic cohort.

  • e Physical activity as assessed by metabolic equivalents for energy expenditure unit (METS) for exercise.