Table 1

Risk of pancreatic cancer by tobacco type among nonsmokers of cigarettes

Type of tobaccoNo. of casesNo. of controlsAdjusted odds ratioa(95% confidence interval)
Nonusers of tobacco1236821.0
 Ever cigars16851.7(0.9–3.3)
 Only cigars9371.9(0.8–4.3)
 Ever pipes9620.6(0.1–2.8)
 Only pipes1240.3(0.04–2.4)
Smokeless tobacco
 Ever used smokeless tobacco7441.4(0.5–3.6)
 Only used smokeless tobacco5281.1(0.4–3.1)
  • a Cigarette smokers excluded. Adjusted by race, gender, geographic site, cigar smoking, smokeless tobacco, and age.