Table 5

Stomach index scores based on seven biopsies for a series of hypothetical profilesa

Biopsies with preneoplastic findingsStomach index score
One mild IMb
One moderate atrophy
One moderate IM0.50
One severe atrophy
One severe IM
Two mild IM1.15
Two moderate atrophy1.41
Two moderate IM1.55
One moderate atrophy/one mild IM1.82
One mild IM/one moderate IM1.91
Six mild IM2.00
Two severe atrophy2.00
Four moderate atrophy2.00
Two severe IM2.00
Five moderate IM2.45
Three severe IM2.45
One moderate atrophy/two moderate IM2.55
Seven moderate atrophy2.65
Four severe atrophy2.83
One mild IM/one moderate IM/one severe IM3.33
Two severe atrophy/two moderate IM3.55
Three moderate atrophy/three moderate IM3.63
Seven severe IM3.74
Seven severe atrophy3.74
Seven severe atrophy/seven severe IM7.48
One moderate dysplasia10.00
Two moderate dysplasia14.14
Seven severe atrophy/seven severe IM/seven moderate dysplasia33.94
  • a If a single biopsy of seven total was affected with moderate or severe atrophy or IM of any degree, then score Yi = 0.5. Otherwise, Yi = [(1.00 ∗ (nmoderate ATROi)0.5 + 1.4142 ∗ (nsevere ATRO)0.5] + 2.70 ∗ [(0.3024 ∗ (nmild IMi)0.5 + 0.4057 ∗ (nmoderate IMi)0.5 + 0.5238 ∗ (nsevere IMi)0.5] + 10.00 ∗ (1.00 ∗ nmoderate DYSPi)0.5], where n is the number of biopsies with each condition.

  • b IM, intestinal metaplasia.